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gardening maintenance - hawkes bay landscape designer

Garden maintenance is essential to ensure that all the hard work that has gone into planting your garden does not go to waste. It’s easy and helps your garden stay beautiful and under control.

Here are some easy-care steps and tips to ensure your investment of time and money does not go to waste.

  1. Pruning your plants. Just give them a trim regularly. This will prevent them from growing out of control and having a huge mass of greenery to deal with. Tip: For large foliage plants use secateurs; you will get better results. Don’t use shears; they tend to cut leaves in half.
  2. Weed regularly. Pull out weeds promptly before they get too big. It is much easier on your hands and make sure to get the weeds out before they set seed. Tip: Plant ground cover. Bare soil tends to be more susceptible to weeds.
  3. Clean your irrigation system at least twice a year. The plants will thank you for the quality of water they will receive and grow much better. Tip: Drip lines are much more economical than sprinklers for watering plants.
  4. Mulching your landscaping is key to an easy-care garden. Mulching after planting hinders weed growth, insulates your soil, reduces diseases, and keeps the water in. Tip: Using organic mulch helps add nutrients to the soil because it breaks down.
  5. Lawn mowers should be set on high. Mow more often, but higher. This method makes the grass healthier and denser. Tip: Keep your mower blades sharp. This helps the blades cut the grass cleanly and avoids shredding your grass.

Everyone loves coming home to a tidy well maintained garden, but life gets busy and things can quickly fall apart. If you find your garden has got out of hand and is too much for you to manage alone, give us a call to talk about our “Garden Maintenance” services. We take care of everything for you, get rid of all the waste, and can even offer simple garden ideas that will make your neighbors jealous!