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Espaso Verde specialises in Design, developing a design is a process which takes time and experience, it involves several stages and meetings. We are able to assist with all or part of the process – depending on your brief and the extent of the design which you require. Charlotte and our landscape design team at Espaso Verde will work with you to create a beautiful design that is inviting, suits your lifestyle and that is well-tailored and functional.

Our garden design process ensures that your garden will be beautiful and complete. All landscape designs from a small courtyard or right through to large rural properties are carefully developed by our landscape designers. Our talented and experienced team will implement creative design solutions to tackle even the most challenging projects head on.

We consider all aspects of the site, then combine this information with your requirements and our knowledge on design, construction, suitable materials, plants and of course, some creative flare.

The Design Process


There are seven stages in the design process. These are:

  1. Meeting
  2. Site Measure and Information Gathering
  3. Developing the Landscape Concept
  4. Concept to Master Plan Completion
  5. Planting Plan
  6. Construction of the Design
  7. Project Management

Espaso Verde will always communicate with you throughout each stage and you are invited to ask any questions you may have during. We are flexible in our approach and tailor the process to meet your needs, so you may only require part of the process or all stages.

Our end goal is to design and construct a garden that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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