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A landscape gardeners top 5 outdoor living ideasThis might be a surprise to some, but as landscape gardeners we think about more than just the garden! We are always considering living flow, how the house and garden meet and merge, and detailed elements around how good landscaping can create an improved living area and a better home environment.

Though this is a time of year when a lot of us are snuggled up inside escaping the cold, as the days grow longer and we start to get some warmer weather it is a great time to start thinking about dinners outside with the family and outdoor entertaining. Read on below for the top 5 outdoor living ideas from your local landscape gardeners.

  • A good sized patio with inside-outside flow
    If you’re going to be enjoying outside living, you need a good-sized area to do so. While it can be easy to develop a suitable area or expand on your current patio it is essential that the living flow has been thought about. You don’t want to be carrying food and drinks half-way across the house, and you want guests who need to retire inside to be able to still feel central to the entertaining area.
  • An outdoor fireplace
    We wrote about these in another article. Outdoor fireplaces are fantastic for more than heat: you can cook on them, melt marshmallows with the children, or just enjoy the warm glow with a glass of your favourite (Hawke’s Bay) red wine. You can read more about the advantages of an outdoor fireplace here.
  • Mood lighting on the patio
    As the sun dips and it moves into evening, lights that enable a nice transition into nighttime are ideal. Rather than choose between “moodily dark” and “blindingly light”, having the option to either change lighting as the night progresses, or dim lighting and slowly increase the brightness, creates the perfect atmosphere all evening long.
  • Light up your garden
    Your garden looks amazing (if it doesn’t, you can always contact us for a free consultation). Lights placed throughout your garden make the evening special by adding color, dimension and depth. There are a rnage of options from modern solar lights through to installed electric LED lighting. We can help you decide what is best for your garden.
  • Add a unique canopy
    While the image at the top of this post is from an urban setting in Japan, we hope this photo lets you see how much a canopy can be tailored to look great and protect from the elements – sheltering from the harsh sun in Summer yet still allowing good light and an “open” feel with views of the sky.

We hope this list gets your imagination fired up and you can start brainstorming some great outdoor living ideas for your home. You can see more images and ideas here.

Need help? Want some inspiration from professional landscape gardeners? We’d love to come and see you for a free consultation. Email us through the contact form or give Charlotte a call today.