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Outdoor Fireplace | Landscape Design | Espaso Verde

An outdoor fireplace can make a great addition to any patio. They have many benefits that you and your family can enjoy for a lifetime.

  • They’re great when entertaining
    Whether your friends or family sit around the fireplace discussing the latest life events or you roast marshmallows in it, outdoor fireplaces add charm and comfort to your parties. Make sure you keep everyone safe by adding an outside door or free standing screen.
  • Use your patio all year long
    Your patio doesn’t have to stop being a hive of activity just because it’s getting cold. Outdoor fireplaces are an excellent source of heat and make it possible to enjoy your patio all year round.
  • Forget the BBQ 
    Use your outdoor fireplaces to roast sausages, bake potatoes, melt marshmallows or prepare s’mores. It’s a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained on a chilly winter day.
  • Get romantic
    Fireplaces can create a romantic atmosphere. So if you’re looking to spend time with your loved one, have dinner and cuddle up by the fire to watch the stars, the ambiance of an open fire is an ideal way to accomplish this warm feeling.
  • Increase your value
    An outdoor fireplace can add value to your home and increase its appeal for a potential buyer.

Outdoor fireplaces are a wonderful addition to any patio or outdoor living area, and can be gas or wood burners depending on your preference. Visit our Pinterest page for inspiration and don’t forget to call us if you’d like an outdoor fireplace in your garden.