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Reality is that not everyone has a decent landscaping budget. (We wish they did!)  But landscape gardening doesn’t have to be expensive and using readily available wood pallets is a cost effective idea to create a unique feature in your garden.

Learn how you can use free pallets to give your garden a new look, and add something a little bit different.

1. Grow delicious herbs.

Turn your pallet into an organised, compact herb garden, that can fit into the smallest of gardens. This a great idea if you have limited space in your garden, it allows you grow plenty of herbs separately while also adding some decoration and colour to a garden wall.

2. Add more growing space.

By standing the pallets up and placing them a meter or so apart, you can increase your growing space.  This is great if you can’t expand your garden’s area but are needing more space. This is great space for growing lettuces, strawberries, and chillies.

3. A potting mix bench and tool storage.

Keep everything handy and together. This potting mix stand gives you a workbench for all your planting needs. If you add some hooks (or even nails) you’ll be able to hang your garden tools from it, so you’ll always know where they are and have them handy.

4. Keep your compost tidy and hidden

Use pallets to build compost storage and keep your different stages of compost separate, that way you’ll never have to guess if your compost is ready for the garden. The pallets will also help to hid the compost pile from the rest of your lovely garden.

5. Create a garden.

If you want a garden but only have concrete space, build a portable garden with pallets. The pallets will allow you to grow your favorite plants without having to get out the sledgehammer, and if you move, the garden can move with you.

6. Find wood pallets or your garden in Hawkes Bay

Yes, we did say we had five ideas…but we thought you should know where to look for free pallets so consider number 6 a bonus! Finding wood pallets in Hawkes Bay is not that difficult if you know where to look.  You can often find free pallets outside businesses that ship large amounts of product, such as lumber and stone yards, shipping and freight businesses and flooring or furniture stores. Keep an eye out around both Hastings and Napier Mitre 10 Mega stores, The Saddlery Warehouse in Hastings and throughout the industrial areas. Many companies will also post on their Facebook pages when they have free pallets outside. So keep an eye out, you never know where you’ll come across a stack of free wood pallets suitable for using in your garden, and for other landscaping projects.

For DYI garden pallet inspiration, visit our Pinterest page.  Or talk to us to explore more advanced landscape gardening ideas for your home or business. Contact us today and create an inspiring plan to turn your garden into your own little paradise. Don’t forget like us on Facebook for more great ideas!

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